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Ayyad Alnimer

Full-time Artist

photograph of myself

     I was born and raised in Egypt. I received my BA with honors from the Fine Arts Academy in Cairo. Immediately after graduation, I relocated to Jordan with my wife and began my artistic career. I also taught art for 10 years; published a number of books about teaching art and drawing which were incorporated into the curriculum of many schools in Amman, Jordan, and published art critiques in the local newspapers as an educational contribution to the public. While still living in Jordan I established my own gallery, Akhenaton Gallery in 1986, benefiting the revival of the art movement there for two years, before I came to the United States in 1989.​

     As an Egyptian artist living in Jordan, I began exhibiting my paintings. My artwork was modern and contemporary and quickly appealed to the Jordanian public. I held many solo and group exhibitions some of which I mentioned in my biography. Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan supported an exhibition of eight Jordanian artists I was one of, also acquiring one of my paintings from this exhibition. The Royal Highness Princess Wijdan Ali sponsored the opening of many of my exhibitions. ​

     My artwork can be seen at the National Museum of Jordan and Arab Bank branches and a lot of fans with collections all over Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and some European countries such as Britain, France, Holland, Spain, and also in America. I still exhibit some of my work in Jordan and in the Arab Gulf states. I have also held a few exhibitions in Soho Manhattan New York, Palm Beach Florida, Washington DC, Carmel, and San Francisco.​

Artist Statement

As an artist, I express my perceptions of life through my paintings. I approach each blank canvas always keeping in mind that I have the ability to communicate visually and emotionally to so many people all around the world. Unlimited by a single perspective, the style of my work holds no constraints but instead opens a new gateway towards artistic freedom and expression. I do not hold myself to certain techniques, beliefs, or boundaries instead it is a journey of exploration and discovery.

Attempting to create something great and captivating from nothing is of course not an easy process. I can however describe it as an attempt to expose my inner feelings through a means of color, texture, patterns and subject matter.

My current collections include an acrylic medium on canvas and black and white lithography on paper. All my work embodies a burst of energy and liveliness with combinations of positive subject matter and rich brushwork with a bold style of self-expression.

Through individual and direct visual interaction with my work, the viewer has a chance to embrace and harmonize with my art to obtain a specific emotional response, making it unique to their own personal interpretations and emotions. May you view my work and let the energy and strength of each painting evoke pleasant emotions and unconscious inner feelings.

Ayyad Alnimer



1977    •  Bachelor’s Degree with high honors from the Fine Arts Academy, Helwan             University -  Cairo, Egypt



2023    •  TAM Art Gallery - Egypt

2022    •  Liwan Art Gallery - Egypt

2020    •  Al Kahila Art Galley - Egypt

2019    •  TAM Art Gallery - Egypt

2018    •  Capital Art Gallery - Zamalek

           Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2017    •  T-GAW Gallery, Kiev-Ukraine       

           Nout Art Gallery - Cairo, Egypt
  Boushahri Art Gallery - Salmiya, Kuwait

           Demouzy Contemporary - Long Island NY

2015    • (XOL) Gallery - Baltimore, MD, USA

2014    •  FA Gallery - Kuwait

2013    •  Foresight Art-Gallery - Amman, Jordan

2012    •  Wadi Finan Art Gallery - Amman, Jordan

2002    •  Darat Al Funun - Amman, Jordan

2000    •  Dar Alanda Gallery - Amman, Jordan

1997    •  Hairpin Alley - Carmel, California

1996    •  Darat Al Funun - Amman, Jordan

1987    •  Petra Bank Gallery - Amman, Jordan

           French Cultural Center - Amman, Jordan

1986    •  Royal Cultural Center, Graphic Art Exhibition - Amman, Jordan

1985    •  Royal Cultural Center - Amman, Jordan

           Petra Bank Gallery - Amman, Jordan

1984    •  Alia Art Gallery - Amman, Jordan

1982    •  Spanish Cultural Center,  Graphic Art Exhibition -  Amman, Jordan

           British Council - Amman, Jordan

1976    •  Helwan University, Two black & white Graphic exhibitions - Cairo, Egypt



2015-23 •  Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Samah Art Gallery, Azad Art Gallery, Liwan Art             Gallery,TAM Art Gallery

2012-15 •  Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Group Exhibition -  Amman, Jordan

           Foresight Art Gallery, Group Exhibition -  Amman, Jordan

2011    •  Group exhibition at Gallery 14 -  Amman, Jordan

           Nabad Gallery, Group exhibition - Amman, Jordan

93-09   •  Darat Al Funun, Contemporary Arab Artists Exhibition - Amman, Jordan

1993    •  Darat Al Funun, Contemporary Arab Artists Exhibition - Amman, Jordan

1992    •  Abdul Hammeed Shoman Foundation, Group show with Ghada Dahdaleh and               Larissa Najjar - Amman, Jordan

           Alif Gallery, Arab American Cultural Foundation Group show -                       Washington DC, U.S.A

1991    •  Borchart Gallery Group Show - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, U.S.A

1990    •  Ariel Gallery, Group Exhibition - Soho, New York, U.S.A

1988    •  Abdul Hammeed Shoman Foundation, Group Show featuring the work of                 eight painters under the auspices of H.M. Queen Noor Al Hussein                   of Jordan - Amman, Jordan

1981    •  Alia Art Gallery, Group Show with Omar Hamdan - Amman, Jordan

1977    •  Atelier Gallery, Group show - Cairo, Egypt



1987    •  Established a private gallery 'Akhenaton Gallery' - Amman,  Jordan

        •  Supervised the Jordanian Fine Arts Festival Exhibition featuring 38               Jordanian Artists - Amman, Jordan

        •  Supervised an exhibition featuring 28 painters - Amman, Jordan



        •  Jordan National Museum, Amman, Jordan

        •  Arabic Bank Collection, Amman, Jordan

        •  Petra Bank, Amman, Jordan

        •  Private collections: Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia,             Holland, Brittan, Spain, France, and USA



1977    •  Honorable Award Art Lovers Society - Cairo, Egypt


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